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Consultant Mojo™ 6 Week Workshop
Quit Your Job, Become A Coach or Consultant and Travel The World... I'll Show You How Today!
Don't waste years of your life going in the wrong direction. Get the tools, templates, scripts and secrets you need to get results now.
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Replace Your Current Income With Your Online Coaching Or Consulting Business
Will you get left behind or ride the wave to the top? 
  • YES! I’m ready to STOP waiting to really live the life I want to live. I’m excited to sell in-demand HIGH-TICKET consulting of my very own ($2500 - $10k/client)! Give me the battle-tested Consultant Mojo™6 week workshop so I can begin making maximum money in minimum time…and… at the same time…deliver my magic and message to more and more of my IDEAL CUSTOMERS and CLIENTS.
  • 6-Week "Training On The Tools" Workshop Including Videos, Scripts, Templates and Step-By-Step Exercises ($2,997 Value)
  •  The ConsultantMojo Super Funnel ($997 Value)
  •  Success Story Interviews ($497 Value)
  •  The Idea Extraction Cheat Sheet ($397 Value)
  •  The Instant Expert Curriculum Building Process ($997 Value)
  •  The High Converting Webinar Template ($497 Value)
  •  Unlimited IM Access To Me Personally For 8 Weeks ($2,997 Value)=
  •  “The One Call Close” ($397 Value)
  •  The Consultant Mojo Inner Circle Facebook Group ($997)
  •  The Guaranteed First Client Formula ($297 Value)
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Consultant Mojo Members Pay Their Bills and Build Their Empires By Working With High Value Clients
And they do it WITHOUT writing a million blog posts, building an email list one-by-one, going live on FB, being famous, getting published, writing a book, being good on camera etc. Cross all of these out because one simple system that works is all you need to start closing clients.
"A flood of leads and clients"
Steve gets 8-16 strategy sessions a week with interested prospects, and as a result, he has a flood of new clients! (6 new clients at $3k+ the first month)

"My First Paying Client"
Jen tried it on her own for a year before joining Consultant Mojo, and didn't get any clients. Within a week of joining, $2700!

"I reached my goal of 4 clients!"
Stacey was hesitant but needed to do something drastic, or go back to a job. Within her first month working together, 4 new clients!

"I sold my very first strategy session!"
Trent finds meaning in giving back to others, and he sold a consulting package on his very first strategy session
"I doubled my revenue"
For Tom, time is money. By following a proven system, he has doubled his revenue in the last 2-3 months. 
"Money Back On The First Client"
Andrea went from trading time for money in client services to selling her consulting program and leveraging her time. 
Identify Your Existing Expertise, Even If You're Not Sure If You're An Expert Yet
Finally Figure Out What To "Specialize In!
We use "problem/solution-based" consulting. Your offer will be determined by the problems in the market and the market's desired solution. It's not all about you. Even if you already have an offer, we're going to tweak it to match the marketplace and draw your clients to you like a bear to honey. Our proven niche selection masterclass will help you uncover your own inherent potential and develop your expertise, even if that means starting from scratch.
When You Get This Right... 

The Most Important Business Decision We've Made This Year

“We’re now positioned to attract clients we want most. Plus, we are finding our new products practically sell themselves. It’s been the most important business decision we’ve made this year”

Charlie Houpert, CharismaOnCommand.Com
Secure My Spot In The Limited Edition Consultant Mojo™ Today!
Here's what you're getting:

 The stream lined SPECIAL EDITION of Consultant Mojo™ delivered weekly over 6 weeks.

In 6 short weeks as you follow along with Consultant Mojo™ you will...

  • FIND OUT THE "HAIR ON FIRE" PROBLEM that you can solve for your market. And figure out EXACTLY how you can help your market solve the issue that they're dying to have solved. This means "wallet out and ready to buy" clients. 
  • CREATE YOUR IRRESISTIBLE OFFER: You’ll craft an offer that monetizes your magic AND allows you maximum time freedom and flexibility. You’ll love how fast and easy “offer creation” is for you when you follow some the simple, PROVEN, but little known guidelines to create an offer that your market can't resist. 
  • GET LEADS REACHING OUT TO YOU: With your irresistible offer in hand, now you’ll follow the successful blueprint for finding and attracting your IDEAL clients using the principles of lead collection and lead seduction.
  • SELECT ONLY THE BEST LEADS: As you continue with your blueprint, you’re going to find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. Prospects will be lined up to work with you…yet…while some prospects will make terrific clients who are excited to work with you and happy to pay you top dollar for the results you deliver.

    MANY of the prospects you attract will be your “struggle bunnies”, “ask holes” and prospects who create a lion’s share of your headaches.

    For your sanity, profits and time freedom you must learn how to tell the difference between the two and then select only the best! This is the where the LEAD SELECTION process of ConsultantMojo comes in to save your day.
  • TURN YOUR LEADS INTO SALES: Now you’re where you help your prospects decide to work with you …or not. You’ll use a PROVEN selling model which will completely change the sales game for you... even if you're an introvert and you hate selling.

    You’ll be thrilled how much easier it is to enroll clients in just ONE strategy session when you’re not trying to “convince” them to buy. You might even START ENJOYING the sales process more than you ever have before.

    Don’t be surprised if your spouse or colleagues grill you for information on how you’re suddenly getting so many new high ticket clients. Seriously, this script is a game-changer. 
  • Learn GUERRILLA LEAD GENERATION: If you don’t like the idea of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars advertising on FB, Linked In or Google…DON’T…because now you won’t need to. We'll use no-cost (or low cost) lead strategies used to get you your first $10k in sales with your new offer. 

    If paid advertising is your thing, that’s cool! ...you just won’t be tied to it!
  • BUILD YOUR PROGRAM in conjunction with your first couple of clients. Most people try to create a program or course FIRST, and then get clients. Most people have courses sitting around that no one has bought... You won't have to create a single line of content for your program until you have the money in the bank from the first client. 

    And... we'll show you exactly how to layout your coaching or consulting program to get your clients the best results in the least amount of time. That means less work for you and best of all, it means happier clients and quicker results. 

    You'll also get the exact tools I use to run my business, so you're setup and streamlined from day one with your new program. This will save you months of frustration on it's own. Once your program is up and running, each new client means a lot more income, and not really any extra work. You won't believe this until you experience it for yourself. 
Stop grinding away every day, wasting time and money with trial and error that brings you nothing, and Start getting RESULTS!
Consultant Mojo™ Special Edition Bonuses: Plug and Play My Proven Systems In Your Business
  • BONUS 1: FLIP THE SCRIPT SALES SCRIPT FOR "NON SALESY" PEOPLE Ughh, "sales" is a dirty word to most of us, me included. That's why we're going to flip the script and make it easy to "offer to help" so you can easily close clients for $2500 or more on the very first call... without being pushy or salesy. Remember we DO NOT cold call, these prospective clients are reaching out to YOU for help, and all you have to do is make the offer to help them get exactly what they want in life. With the flip the script sales script, you're going to wonder what you ever had to be afraid of. 
  • BONUS 2: NICHE SELECTION MASTERCLASS Don't know who to consult? Not sure who your ideal customer is? Don't know how to package your expertise, or how to "niche down?" This step by step framework is going to get you to figure out EXACTLY who to serve, without going through years of painful trial and error, even if you have NO IDEA who to consult right now. After you use the niche selection masterclass process, everything else will become clear, and you'll be charging full steam ahead with the clarity that you've been searching for.  
  • BONUS 3: OBJECTION OBLITERATION FRAMEWORK I know what else you might be thinking... you’re not sure if you have the skills to solve the problem. Or maybe you don’t even know how to figure out what the problem is. And what the obstacles are. I’m going to give you my Obstacle Obliteration Framework so you know how to find out exactly what Point A is, What point B is, and what the obstacles are in between... then you’re going to learn the process to obliterate the obstacles, if you’re not the expert in your business. It’s going to make it easy to deliver superior results to your clients, even if you can’t do it yourself. If you are the expert, it will give you certainty on exactly where to focus your efforts. 
  • BONUS 4: UNLIMITED INSTANT MESSAGE SUPPORT WITH CHRISTIAN This isn't like other programs where you're given information and left to fend for yourself. I'm giving you tools and guidance, but what I'm really giving you is the end result you're looking for. In order to MAKE SURE that you get that result, I'm going to be giving you unlimited email support to use anytime in the next YEAR where I will help you overcome any obstacle you're encountering, and help you get results FAST with the process. 
  • BONUS 5: LEAD GENERATION MAGIC Hate the idea of bugging people to work with you? Me too? You're going to be ecstatic when you wake up in the morning, and people want to work with YOU and they're asking for your help. It works so well, I call it magic, and you're going to be fired up when you experience firsthand how magic this client attraction system really is. 
  • BONUS 6: LISTEN TO ME CLOSE (CALL RECORDING) If you're wondering what it sounds like to use the Flip The Script Sales Script and Have a Client hand over their credit card on the phone, this is for you. You'll get to listen to me close a client on the very first call, so you can mirror the call in your own business and start closing clients fast. 
  • BONUS 7: STAR STUDENT CASE STUDY INTERVIEWS The hardest thing for most people when it comes to making a big life change is to believe that it's possible for them. By watching the transformation of people just like you thanks to Consultant Mojo™, you're going to FEEL what it's like to become a world traveling consultant, and it's going to make it easy for you to go out there and get results just like these star students did themselves when they were in your position. 
  • BONUS 8: CONSULTANT MOJO INNER CIRCLE FACEBOOK GROUP Most everyone has heard the quote "we're the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with." Well, now you get to spend your time around successful consultant. When you get access to the Consultant Mojo™ Facebook group, you're going to be able to ask any question you want, 24/7. You'll make new friends, form a new community, and surround yourself with those who are on the same path as you. Many people think this is worth the investment alone. 
Replace Your Income FAST, Find Out How To Get Clients, Make More Money
(10 clients in two weeks)
Work From Anywhere In The World (even home)!
Cancun, Mexico
Costa Rica
Let ME take all the risk. 
You’re Also Getting my PERSONAL Guarantee For:
Action-Based, Rock Solid Guarantee: If you’ve still not sold your first high-ticket consulting package and made your investment back at the end of 30 days, or you don’t feel you’re well on your way… Then you can request and get a full refund, or if you prefer, I will work with you until you get results. I want this to be a no-risk decision for you... AND you can KEEP the bonuses just for trying it out!

See the full refund policy here

- Christian Martin

On that basis… I am excited to claim my spot in this Special Edition of the Consultant Mojo™ 6 Week Workshop And Start Using The Tools Today!
I understand that to make my money back PLUS profit I just need to get ONE client!
100%"Dang Matt, You Were Right!"
Money Back Guarantee ...

After going through this course, if you aren't saying to yourself... "Dang Matt, you were right about this system!"... and if you're not super excited about the potential it has to create an extra income stream for you and your family...just let me know within the first 60 days and I'll send you a prompt refund.

That's how excited I am about this system! :-)
  • YES! I am IN! It would be silly for me to delay and let someone else get my spot! I realize this is only open for a very limited time. I promise to ONLY JOIN as someone who is a serious go-getter, who’s ready to put these powerful world-traveling consulting strategies and systems to work. I’m ready to start earning $1,000-$5,000 minimum per client, even if I've never been in business for myself before. 

    I am ready to receive access to the entire digital system including step-by-step processes, scripts and templates, secrets and unlimited email support with Christian (24 hour response time). Plus I get free updates and upgrades to the program for life. 
First client at $3k!
$180k in profit in 2017!
Best Value! Click Here to Begin...
(See Extremely Limited Discount Below)
Clear, specific, easy to implement, proven action steps to actually MAKE money! And support along the way.
The step by step guidance and ongoing support you need to succeed
EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special edition of The Consultant Mojo™ 6 Week Workshop
will be closed to the public in... ...
This Offer Expires Soon!
Make Back Your Investment With Just ONE Client
ONE TIME investment of
Only $995

Just a handful of the HAPPY CLIENTS who have already started the Consultant Mojo™ Process...

"From No Money to $20k In The Bank"

"I went from working in my business to working on my business... and I'm selling coaching for $2500/client"

"I sold my first client at $2,700 thanks to the sales script"
"I just got the fourth client for the new program at $3,000/client... and all the work is already done!

Wow, what a ride… Nice trade Matt!

I ended up with roughly a 40% gain… didn’t have the nerve to let the losing leg go yesterday without first closing the winning leg, but thanks to today’s pull back I was able to get a little something for the loosing leg.

So that’s 5 for 5 for you!  That’s awesome dude!  Keep it up and thanks for sharing!


Hi, Matt:

     I said I would get back to you about this.  Happy to say that I was able to partake in the trade, which resulted in a tidy profit.  Like everyone says after a winning trade:  "I wish I had risked more."  But as they say about wishes:  "If wishes were wings, then pigs would fly."  

     Thanks for making sure that I was ready to participate in this trade.  You have bragging rights, Matt, on this one. Go ahead and brag!  ;)


Hi Matt,
Good call. Although I didn't play it, only paper money. 10 contract straddle yielded around $1400 gain. Please include me on list for option strategies. Not interested at all in stocks.


Hi Matt,
Many, many thanks. You're the greatest!

This stock now trades around 1.80 This is a phenomenal stock pick !!!


(See Extremely Limited Discount Below)
EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special edition of The Consultant Mojo™ 6 Week Workshop
will be promptly closed in... ...
Best Value! Click Here to Begin...
ONE TIME investment of
Only $995
This Offer Expires Soon!
Make back your investment with just ONE client
Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ REPLAY - Hit play below to see the most commonly asked FAQs. 
How can I get my specific questions answered? 
Chat with us in the bottom right hand corner of this page. 
When will I receive the program in the mail? 
You won't, this is an entirely digital program. You will be taken to a thank you page as soon as you submit your payment where you can create your login and access the program immediately. 
How long do I have access to the content? 
You have LIFETIME access to the content and ALL future updates (there will be many). 
Does this work in my country? 
Yes, one of the greatest things about building an online business is that location does not matter. You can serve clients and customers all over the world. That means, as long as you have an internet connection, you can use this process to build your online business even if you live in The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Indonesia, England, Sweden, Zimbabwe etc... 
How far apart are the payment plans spaced? 
All payment plans are monthly payment plans. If you select the two payment plan, you will be billed once today and once one month from now. If you select the one-pay for the total amount, you will only be billed once today for the full payment. 
Do you accept PayPal? 
Yes, if you would like to pay with PayPal, please click the PayPal button above.
How do I use PayPal Credit to get no payments or interest for six months? 
For more information about PayPal credit, check out https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-credit

By clicking the PayPal button as described above, you will be given the option to use PayPal Credit at checkout. 
I don't have any money, can you let me in for free?
There is a saying "those who pay, pay attention," which means, unless you have some skin in the game, you're unlikely to put in the work to get results. So no, I can't let you in for free, but you can get no payments and no interest for 6-months through https://blispay.com/ 

Click the link and apply on the page. If you are approved you will get instant access to an online credit card with no payments and no interest for 6 months. Just be sure to pay off the balance in full when you get your first client to avoid any interest fees. That being said, if you are in dire financial straits, it's recommended that you get a job and stabilize your situation before starting an online business to avoid undue stress. 
When do I get access? 
You will get immediate access to the Consultant Mojo Digital Program after you submit this form. The thank you page will contain a link for you to create your login link and get started. 
Does this work for non "businessy" niches too? 
Yes, I have seen this work firsthand in health and fitness, holistic health, chiropractic, spirituality, athletics, higher education, test taking, acting, arts, cinematography, equestrian (Yes, horses!), writing, career coaching, and personal development niches... As long as you can help people solve a major life, health or business challenge, this can work in your niche, even if you don't work in the traditional business world. 
Shouldn't I "brainstorm" my niche before starting this process? 
Only if you want to get stuck in the dreaded analysis paralysis. We use the proven "idea extraction cheat sheet" to take you through the exact process that will help you find the perfect niche (that is most likely hiding in plain sight, right in front of you, but you're too close to see it.). When most people go through this process, they say "I can't believe I didn't think of that, that changes everything!" 

Stop "brainstorming" and start using a proven process inside ConsultantMojo to find the perfect niche. 
How much time does this take? 
You get lifetime access to the program, so you can move at your own pace. It is recommended that you spend a minimum of an hour a day for the next 8 weeks to take full advantage of your 8 weeks of personal support from Christian, but if you need to move slower than that, or come back to the material at a later date, that is fine too. 

 The more time you invest in yourself and your business, the greater your ability to succeed.
Can I do this if I have a full time job? 
Yes, many of the most successful members of Consultant Mojo have built their consulting business on the side before quitting their job. As long as you can allocate 30-60 min/day, you can work through the process in ConsultantMojo and get results in the next couple of months. 
Do I get lifetime access? 
Yes, you will get automatic access to all future updates to Consultant Mojo, and you will have lifetime access so that you're free to work through the process at your own pace. 
How does the guarantee work? 
If you don't get results following the methods taught in this course, will refund your money 100%! You MUST however submit your homework and show us you gave an effort. For full refund details, click here.
Do I get ongoing support? 
Yes, as a Consultant Mojo member, you will have 8 weeks of personal email access to me. In addition to this, we use an instant messaging system in the members area so that anytime you have a question, help is just a click away. Additionally, you have 24/7 access to the ConsultantMojo Inner Circle Facebook group, so you can post your questions any time, day or night. 
Will this work for me? 
This process has been proven to work across dozens of industries with introverts, extroverts, tech illiterate, tech masters, anti-salesy, hardened sales professionals, outgoing, shy, determined, short tall, fat, thin, old, young, experienced and brand new. The biggest determinant of your success is your willingness to put in the work consistently (Don't worry, we have the PhD Level Anti-Procrastination Formula to help you with that). As long as you put in the work, and stick with it, you can become a world traveling coach or consultant and build a meaningful online business (and become our next success story!). 

If you have other questions about whether or not it is right for you, chat with us in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. 
Who is this NOT for?
This is not for anyone who doesn't want to put in the work to provide real value to real people. This is not a get rich quick scheme, an MLM, or a lottery ticket. This is a proven system to learn how to master the skills, processes, tools and procedures to provide real value to real people and get paid high-ticket fees for your services. 
What currency is this in? 
All payments are in US dollars (USD)
Can I speak to current members? 
Due to the frequency of requests, my clients do not have time to speak with each and every one of interested consultants. To solve the problem, we have recorded video interviews. You can see current members' stories on video on http://www.consultantmojo.com/go
I have more questions, how can I get them answered? 
Click on the "chat" box in the bottom right hand corner of this screen.
Is this available forever? 
No, ConsultantMojo is open to the public on a limited basis. After it is closed, you will no longer be able to join. If you'd like to become a member of ConsultantMojo and you can still see this page, then we're open for enrollment as of today. 
This Offer Expires Soon!
Payment options available on the next page
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